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Monday, 30 Mar 2015
Saturday, 11 May 2013 20:16 Published in Blog

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I am (luckily) in the position of having a mother of my own to celebrate as well as being a mother too.  My own mother did a fantastic job raising four kids with empathy, warmth, and an easy-going nature that I appreciate more and more as the years go by.

I really look forward to Mother's Day, especially now that my own son is older.  Instead of my husband's ideas of what my little son should have been doing for me on that day, if he actually remembered to organize something beforehand, my big son, which is what that little boy now is (gosh, he is going on 6'2")  can figure out what he should do for me all on his own.  I can tell you that my husband was sure glad that the school picked up the slack and usually did a craft for the moms.  I have to admit that it was my turn to be relieved when Father's Day came around.  Unfortunately, all that craft stuff ends in high school, unless of course you have a kid who actually likes making crafts and will continue on their own.  Those children would be daughters, not always, but usually!  Yes, I have kept each and every lopsided plate and crayoned card, and they put a smile on my face to be sure in remembrance of that little boy that he is no longer.  I have a hard time remembering him that way.  I was told this would happen but I never believed it!

My son offered to take me to a movie tonight for my Mother's Day gift, and I was pleasantly surprised by this.  Mothers of sons know how hard it can be to get them to acknowledge ANY holiday or birthday without prodding, and it can sometimes feel like you are banging your head against a wall to get them to understand that it is basic social convention to recognize these events with a nice gesture or gift of some sort.  I sure hope that his future female friends/girlfriends/wife(ves)/whatevers appreciate the work I have put in!  It wasn't for me I did this, but for you!

It was gratifying to see our training has paid off.  He is already talking about what he will do for his dad on Father's Day and it makes me really happy.

I am not the most motherly mother around.  I have never been one to spend hours on the floor playing with my son when he was little, nor did I make sure every single meal he ate was absolutely the healthiest thing.  He had to deal with a messy house most days, and sometimes he had to make do with a less than clean item of clothing to go to school in because I hadn't had time to catch up on laundry.  But, you know what?  We have a great relationship and I have "almost" raised (because the rearing ain't over yet) someone who I am very proud to call my son.  That has alot to do with the way his parents have raised him.  Although I realize it is very tough to have more than one child, the flip side is we always had to make sure we were not spoiling him, which is just built in when there are two or more.  Although I might not be objective, one thing he is NOT is spoiled.  I hear from all kinds of sources how nice he is.

Anyway, I guess my point is that we need to keep hammering things into our kids over the years, even if we feel like we are wasting our time in the moment.  Don't ever give up.  One day, they will just come out and surprise you and let you know by their actions that they were listening to you all along, even the boys.

Motherhood was not something I was sure I could do, but it has proven to be the most fulfilling thing I have ever undertaken.  Happy Mother's Day!!

Monday, 06 May 2013 17:05 Published in Blog

Ever wonder what your last meal request would be?

I am an admitted carb addict.

My husband and I went out for breakfast yesterday morning with a very old friend of ours (well, you know what I mean, she's not OLD, but she IS older than me ha ha). When I go out for breakfast, my favourite meal of the day, I always order one of three things - pancakes, french toast, or waffles. I don't CARE about bacon. I don't CARE about eggs. I sort of care about regular toast as it IS bread, and thus a carb. When you add something sweet to these things I am all over it like it was my last meal.

This got me thinking today, and I know I am not the only one who has thought about this topic either, even though it is morbid. What would your last meal request be, if you were on death row awaiting execution?

Sure, I love Italian food (more carbs), seafood like lobster, ice cream, and on and on, but a heavy bready carb meal is one I would take with me to the beyond.

There used to be a restaurant chain here in the Toronto area that served everything in a crepe, from savoury to sweet, and everything in between. I miss it like the dickens. I could turn any meal into breakfast at this place and I was in heaven! I still don't understand why this concept didn't ultimately work beyond the early nineties. Budding restauranteurs, now there is an idea for you! I would definitely support your crepe restaurant.

Recently, I have noticed that there are more and more classic breakfast places popping up and I couldn't be more pleased! More options! I need to go out for breakfast more often to sample all of the bready options out there.

Somehow, I ended up with a son WHO DOESN'T LIKE PANCAKES, WAFFLES, OR FRENCH TOAST!! How is such a thing possible, I wonder? Too much maple syrup makes my husband sick – WHAT????

I read somewhere that white carbs act like opiates to the system. If you listen to general wisdom these days, I am killing myself with this addiction. For all of the naysayers that try to convince me that a full stomach feels horrible, that carbs make me feel like a beached whale after I eat them, I say "not me". There is comfort in a full stomach, and there is nothing quite like one that has been stuffed with pancakes drenched in syrup, and washed down with coffee. There is a reason so many people were addicted to opium. So there you have it, my last meal! If I get to choose a dessert after that, you can bet that more refined carbs will be on the menu.

So what would YOU order for your last meal?


Sunday, 28 April 2013 21:56 Published in Blog

As part of this business, I proudly do many fundraising sales. After reading the minutes from a parent council meeting I was emailed a few months back, I was interested to find out that my son's high school was looking for new ways to raise money to cover shortfalls in their budget. I quickly called the president of the council and offered to sell items at the school's spring music concert, and promised to donate 20% of sales back to them. This I do for any cause, whether it be for a school or charity of any kind.  CALL ME, I CAN HELP!!

After she got over the shock that someone actually read the minutes, she invited me to attend the next council meeting to discuss the possibility of my serving at the concert in this capacity. Great! When I told my son about my plans, and that I was going to the meeting to feel it out, his face went whiter than his T-shirt. "Don't tell them your name, or who your kid is".

I couldn't quite grasp why he was freaking out as a) its a PARENT council meeting, how much of the staff would actually be there b) of the few staff members there, what are the odds that they would be any of his current teachers, and c) would they really use this time to have a mini parent-teacher interview? OR, was he just plain embarrassed of me and/or the nature of my attendance that night?

I surmised that is was a combined worry that his teachers would bad mouth him to me, thus getting him into trouble, and embarrassment about my possibly selling goods around people he actually KNOWS.

When the meeting was done (and it went well), Steven asked me a little shakily what was said. There was a grand total of four members of staff there. The principal, one of the veeps, and two teachers, neither of whom had Steven in their classes ever. The principal and VP did want to know which student I was the mother of, as I am sure they didn't want any rogue vendors on the premises, and I have to admit, I was a little nervous wondering what they could possibly say that would make him worry so much. They both knew of my son and had good things to say, and not fake-like either.

Steven breathed a little sigh of relief, and I didn't press the matter. I also did not want to tell him that the sale was probably a go, and in fact it all still needed to be confirmed at the time anyway. Let's just say I gave some thought as to how I was going to break it to him once I did get the A-OK.


I did it at a family gathering in front of my whole family. It was kind of fun watching him try to control his reaction, and, then, someone started talking about something else (bless them) getting us all onto safer ground. This breaking of "bad news" technique is a winner, and I gather that it works well with husbands too, especially if they have had at least one drink, not that I would EVER try THAT! 

By the time the sale took place, my son had made his peace with it all. I still don't get why it was such an embarrassment for him in the first place. I guess school and parents just don't mix well in a teenager's mind, even though I am MUCH cooler than most of the parents of course. Because he left the auditorium after his group's performance, he missed the announcement at the end by the MC directing people to my table, run by "the mother of Steven Wolwyn, a Grade 11 student here". He didn't hear it, and my silent prayers went up in thanks.



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